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Hace 7 años nos visitó nuevamente el Dr.

Groot y durante su magistral conferencia detalló los hallazgos de su investigación con gran dominio del tema, cualidad propia de una inteligencia superior, sin olvidar los nombres de cada uno de los médicos de la época. Aquel evento fue ocasión para que los académicos pastusos le hiciéramos entrega de una hermosa placa a madera condecorativa de agradecimiento por su amor a Nariño y como muestra de su gran calidad humana, cuando se.

Vivienda unifamiliar - Londres - Gran Bretaña.

Full Text Available This home, designed by the architect himself as his place of residence with his wife and two children, is sited in a large garden belonging to the former home of the family, situated in an area relatively close to the center of London. The program of the dwelling, which includes: five bedrooms, bathrooms, playroom for children, living room, dining room, kitchen and music room, is resolved in two floors and a semibasement.

The house is basically oriented towards the rear garden, in order to integrate the garden areas into the interior spaces, which is achieved by means of large terraces and Windows. Esta vivienda, diseñada por el propio arquitecto para vivir en ella con su mujer y sus dos hijos, se encuentra emplazada en un amplio jardín perteneciente al antiguo hogar de la familia, situado en una zona relativamente próxima al centro de Londres. La casa se ha orientado fundamentalmente hacia el jardín posterior, con el fin de integrar sus zonas verdes en los espacios interiores, lo que se consigue mediante amplias terrazas y ventanales.

Otras características de esta construcción son la luminosidad —obtenida mediante el acristalamiento de las fachadas y una adecuada elección de los materiales de revestimiento—, los bajos costos de mantenimiento y la abundancia de espacio, que tienden a contrarrestar los efectos negativos de la gran ciudad en la que se halla inmersa. Sistemas de control de vibraciones en estructuras de gran altura. Full Text Available The increasing of big cities with a great population density, flows to the multiplication of light and thin towers in very high buildings, with an small natural damping.

So, those buildings are exposed to the wind oscillations and to the earthquakes.

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In order to reduce the structural risk of excessive deformations or accelerations, we want to bring up here a solution lied with the dissipation of vibrational energy in the structural dampers. The objective of this work is to bring a c1ear and complete c1assification and description of all isolation and vibration controls known till the moment and their main application' fields. The definition of those systems is completed with graphics, characteristics and structures examples.

This c1assification will allow a real interpretation of advantages and disadvantages of all isolation and vibration controls concerning structural applications.

Una solución planteada para reducir el riesgo estructural de experimentar deformaciones excesivas o aceleraciones es la disipación de energía vibracional en los amortiguadores estructurales. Universidad de Leeds - Gran Bretaña. It comprises an ice cap and numerous outlet glaciers which mostly end in proglacial lakes at sea level. The total ice covered area sums up to approximately km2. Its almost unique location in the zone of the all-year westerlies makes it a region of key interest in terms of glacier and climate change studies of the westwind zone of the Southern Hemisphere.

Since October an automated weather station AWS is run continuously in the area at Bahia Bahamondes for monitoring climate parameters. Ablation has been measured at stakes during the same pe- riod.

The aim of this study, was to obtain point energy and mass balance on Glaciar Lengua. Energy balance was calculated using the bulk approach formulas and calibrated to the measured ablation. It turns out, that sensible heat transfer is the major contribution to the energy balance. Since high cloud cover rates prevail, air tempera- ture is the key factor for the energy balance of the glacier. Despite high rain fall rates, energy input from rain fall is of only minor importance to the overall energy balance. From the energy balance computed, it was possible to derive summer-time degree-day factors for Glaciar Lengua.

With data from the nearby.

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Sin embargo, es necesario continuar avanzando en el mejoramiento y perfeccionamiento de los actuales métodos de tratamiento que permitan soluciones tecnológicas respetuosas con el ambiente y adecuadas a las condiciones socioeconómicas y culturales propias de cada región. This volume - in honour of Antonino Zichichi - is a collection of papers that have appeared in various journals, proceedings and books published by the Italian Physical Society over the last few decades about the Gran Sasso National Laboratory. A few other relevant articles from special volumes have been included for the sake of completeness.

The Gran Sasso underground laboratories measurements of rock radioactivity and neutron fluxes. The authors report on measurements of rock radioactivity and neutron flux performed in the Gran Sasso underground laboratories of the INFN in Italy. The minimum rock thickness covering the laboratories is about m of rock of average density 2.

The laboratories are located at about m above sea level. The main destination of these laboratories is to shelter very huge particle detectors which shall detect extremely rare nuclear events of extraordinary interest for particle physics as well as for astrophysics and cosmology. In these laboratories, the radiation background is expected to be extremely low, which is the main condition for performing the proposed experiments.

Ribeiro's typology, genomes, and Spanish colonialism, as viewed from Gran Canaria and Colombia. These new data were merged with equivalent literature information to obtain the parental Y-chrosomomal contribution in Gran Canarians, Colombians, and Venezuelans. In both groups, the Spanish Y-chromosome contribution was much more marked than that estimated using mtDNA.

This analysis showed a usual trend in the Spanish Colonial history, characterized by a demographic collapse of the aboriginal population, but with considerable introgression of genes through native women. In accordance to D. Ribeiro's typology for peoples subjected to Colonialism, the Y-chromosomes of these admixed populations are classified as transplanted, their mtDNA as witness, and their autosome sets as new. Coxiella burnetii is the causative agent of Q fever, a zoonosis with worldwide occurrence.

In the Canary Islands, the overall seroprevalence in humans has been estimated to be Gran Canaria island concentrates the highest ruminant population in the archipelago and the prevalence of the human infection is To evaluate the seroprevalence in livestock and the affected areas in Gran Canaria island, a total of ruminants were randomly selected for this study goats, sheep and cattle.

The results showed seroprevalences of Based on these results, Q fever could be considered as endemic in Gran Canaria island. Sanitary measures should be taken at the farm level to minimize the risk of exposure of C. New xenophytes from Gran Canaria Canary Islands, Spain, with emphasis on naturalized and potentially invasive species. Full Text Available Trabajos recientes de campo en Gran Canaria han facilitado el descubrimiento de nuevas localidades para plantas vasculares no nativas.

Agave attenuata, Antigonon leptopus, Atriplex nummularia, Cascabela thevetia, Cenchrus echinatus, Cuscuta campestris, Diplachne fusca subsp. Finalmente, se confirma la presencia de Paspalum vaginatum, P.

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Trabajos recientes de campo en Gran Canaria han facilitado el descubrimiento de nuevas localidades para plantas vasculares no nativas. Distribution and importance of the family anacardiaceae timber in The Gran Chaco of Argentina. Full Text Available The Gran Chaco is the second green support continent presents an alarming loss of biodiversity, on the other hand, the short-termconservation of such valuable species as are the representatives of the family Anacardiaceae, are uncertain, in spite be invaluable participation in native forest ecosystems, lack of resource management for years has put at risk many species, moving to integrate the IUCN Red List International Union for Conservation of Nature.

This work, through an extensive literature review, aims to reassess the use and importance of the Anacardiaceae family components that are widely distributed in the Gran Chaco Argentino. Gran minería y conflictos socioambientales : el caso del distrito de Espinar, Cusco. Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina. Escuela de Posgrado.

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Maestría en Ecología Aplicada Uno de los problemas que enfrenta Espinar es la presencia de conflictos relacionados con la actividad expansiva de la gran minería. El objetivo de este estudio fue conocer y determinar las causas-implicancias y las relaciones de los conflictos socio-ambientales de la gran minería en Espinar Para ello, primero se recopiló información sobre la historia de la minería, se identificó y se ca The radar discriminability of geolian features and their geological setting as imaged by the SIR-A experiment is examined.

The Gran Desierto and Pincate volcanio field of Sonora, Mexico was used to analyze the radar characteristics of the interplay of aeolian features and volcano terrain.

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The area in the Gran Desierto covers sq. The Pincate volcanio field covers more than 2. Margins of the field, especially on the western and northern sides, include several maar and maar-like craters; thus obtaining information on their radar characteristics for comparison with impact craters. Sin lugar a dudas, estos sistemas constituyen un gran reto científico, ingenieril y ético. Sin embargo, su correcto funcionamiento todavía plantea muchos problemas. Though the drive to limit US citizenship often takes shape through the symbolic and material exclusion of "aliens," immigrants also engage in rhetorical struggles over the limits of the US civic imaginary.

This essay examines one such challenge to the bordering logics of US citizenship--"La Gran Marcha", one of the largest…. Full Text Available A finales del s. Allí la recogían y conservaban hasta que era transportada en verano a la ciudad. En este artículo estudiamos el oficio de nevero en Gran Canaria, que había sido olvidado por completo, sus salarios, alimentación y especialidades en el s.

Workers collected the snow and filled the wells until it was transported, in summer time, from the top of the island 1. Snow pounds were sold in the back of the Cathedral from to The occurrence of mycoplasmas in the lungs of swine in Gran Canaria Spain. The study was conducted to investigate the mycoplasmal flora in the lungs of pigs with enzootic pneumonia at Gran Canaria Spain. From 54 pneumonic lungs collected at an abattoir, 85 isolates were cultivated. On the basis of cultural and biochemical characteristics, the isolates were preliminarily The conducted research is focused on spatial, functional and landscape diversity, the existing tourist potential and the possibilities for further development of a small, volcanic island of Gran Canaria.

Similarly to the remaining Canary Islands, the economy of Gran Canaria is predominantly based on tourism approx. Additionally, Puerto de la Luz transhipment centre in Las Palmas plays a very important role because of the goods imported from overseas. It is one of the largest ports in Spain it reloads almost 2 million containers per year also being an important Atlantic refuelling station.

Apart from tourism, an important role is played here by agriculture, primarily the cultivation of bananas and tomatoes, which represent the most significant export good of the archipelago. The conducted spatial research showed an extensive diversity. This situation is, to a great extent, influenced by the climate. The northern part is cooler and dominated by agriculture, whereas the southern one is much warmer and characterized by a well-developed tourism infrastructure.


Site inspections performed out along the outer contour of the island resembling a circle. Numerous architectural and urban sketches, urban analyses and photographic documentation were made. Community surveys were carried out.